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Inspire people

TYPO3 is strongly based on its growing community. In online plattforms, mailinglists and newsgroups the TYPO3-users and developers exchange their experiences and know-how.

TYPO3 Newsgroups/Mailinglists: http://lists.typo3.org

Next to the well known and heavy traffic lists: „english“ and „dev“ there are a lot of smaller lists especially for the specific TUGs (TYPO3 User Groups).

For hosting TYPO3 extension and also to report bug with TYPO3 itself the web-based project management software redmine gets used. This application is available at http://forge.typo3.org. A developers visiting forge can search through it for existing bugs, can download development versions of extensions via SVN or to can call up wikis upon many different topics. For other activities like reporting a bug or even registering his/her own extension a login is required.

The development of the TYPO3 core itself is nowadays based upon GIT and the web-based code review tool gerrit. When opening http://review.typo3.org a developer can browse through various patches, give comments and even vote for/against integration of a patch. On one of the last TUGA meetings think-open.at CEO Bernhard Kraft held an unscheduled off-plan presentation about the TYPO3 review process (Slides German).

Around the clock there are at least a few enthusiastic or help seeking TYPO3 users around in the IRC network on channel #typo3 at irc.freenode.net. The IRC channel is also available via a web browser through a service hosted by think-open.at: http://t3chat.think-open.org

The TYPO3 Association with its board in Baar (Switzerland, Kanton Zug) was founded at the end of 2004 and keeps track of development concerning TYPO3. The association's goal is to streamline the development efforts around the product - TYPO3 - in order for a high-quality standard to be maintained. The TYPO3 Association also cares about organisational matters of TYPO3. In September 2005, the first internationally attended TYPO3 conference took place in Karlsruhe, Germany.

TYPO3 Association: http://association.typo3.org

Since the beginnings of TYPO3 there were many official public events and they still get more. Right from the start there were many small UG meetings of local groups. Nowadays there are larger international events like the TYPO3 developer days, TYPO3 camps in different European countries and since some years there are even official Events in the United States.