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Why Open-Source ?

The open-source project TYPO3 is licensed under the GPL (GNU Public License). The program code of an open-source software gets shipped together with the software in a human readable form - meaning not only a compiled, binary version. GPL software grants even further permissions: Once obtained it allows to use the software completly free of charge and redistribute it again. You are even allowed to reuse the code if you release a changed version under the same license model again.

The active participation of a huge community brings with it an enormous innovation potential. "The free exchange of knowledge as well as the free access to technical information and communication platforms takes center stage in open-source." - Bernhard Kraft, who brought one of the philosopies of the TYPO3 project to the point.

The term "open-source" is no indicator for the licence form or the licence costs of a software. When software is licensed under the GPL this gurantees that it can be distributed free of charge.

Developments in recent years like the Android mobile phone platform developed by google and based upon Linux shows which enormous potential open source software has. Other wide spread applications like Mozilla Firefox or the OpenOffice/LibreOffice productivity suite are also but proofs of the great concept of open source software.

Free Software Foundation: http://www.fsf.org