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TYPO3 - One of the most powerful CMS

TYPO3 backend interface (administration interface)
TYPO3 logo

The content-management-system (CMS) TYPO3 was developed specifically for the requirements of medium to large sized companies - altough it can be customized for smaller sites. It is suited for Internet, Intranet and many other web appliances.

TYPO3 offers a lot of functionality and modules and also a well defined extension/plugin-interface. Hence this powerful CMS opens up a wide variety of possible usages. An arbitrary number of pages and content (texts, images, files for download, etc.) can get modified or added to the site/application. TYPO3 strictly separates content from the design. When the content get's changed the design stays the same and vice-versa: If you change the design the content stays the same but immediately the new design get's applied to all pages.


» Intuitive

The intuitively designed interface of TYPO3 is a warrant for easy use.

» Sustainable

The TYPO3-Community is always striving to enhance the software. Updates are also offered in public without any license-fees.

» Flexible

TYPO3 allows individual programming. think-open contributes by developing  valueable extensions and working on their integration into the core of TYPO3 if they have proven to be useful and required by the community.