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TYPO3 Programming - Basics

Typ: Schulung

In a 4 hours short-training session the basics of TYPO3 programming were explained to a customer of web:consulting.

As TYPO3 allows a programmer to do a wide range of API calls and the whole system is very complex the training was very packed and a lot of references to the offical documentation were given.

The main part of the training was focused on programming FE-Plugins for TYPO3. Those plugins are one of the major parts of the system as they are responsible for displaying the content of the database in a readable form. FE-Plugins are more or less the user-interface of a site which is being presented to a visitor.

TemplaVoila - plan2net

Typ: Schulung

plan2net requested a training for TemplaVoila as they will probably use it in future projects and have been evaluating it. This training was held in order to get a good overview about the possibilities and to learn how requirements can get achieved.

The training focused on TemplaVoila and its use in larger projects. Special attention was payed to multilanguage content. (There were exact explanations and outlines on how Flexforms handle multilingual content - see lower photo). As all of the attending people were high level TYPO3 professionals the progress was steady and a lot of details were discussed.

The training was held in the plan2net office in Vienna. The participants were Stefan Beylen, Wolfgang Klinger and Georg K├╝hnberger.