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Zimmervermietung Alte-Mühle Rust

Typ: Website

The "Alte-Mühle" is one of many old, almost historic, buildings in Rust. Located near the Postpark it is easy to find and the city center and shops are only a wink away. The single accomodations of the guesthouse have been renovated years ago and are now are being offered for rent. The think-open.at GmbH has now created a website which allows to offer the rooms to a broader number of possible visitors and tourists.

Before work on the website started a lot of photos from rooms and the garden were taken. The Linux open-source application "hugin" was then used to merge single pictures of a room into a panoramic view. The resulting images allow a website visitor to get a better feeling of the interior design and layout of the rooms.

The panoramic images get presented on the website using a custom written JavaScript snippet. This allows to properly show the panoramas on a variety of devices and screens. One of the rooms was even captured in 360° panoramic view and a visitor to the website can rotate his view by using the mouse or touch swipes.

geonet-dm.com: Responsive Website Relaunch

Typ: Website

By request of the geonet-dm GmbH their complete website was relaunched. Next to the TYPO3 CMS for content storage a modern responsive design template was used. During quite a time period not only the main page "www.geonet-dm.com" was relaunched but also the sister site "rooms.geonet-dm.com". The owner of geonet-dm GmbH is offering rooms for rent on this site. As one of the main business activity fields of geonet-dm GmbH are incentives and organized traveling the offering of rooms combines well. Both websites were created using responsive webdesign and accessibility guidelines.

Both pages start with a landing page featuring a responsive slider. The content of the landing page informs about the main purpose of the site. On the content pages information about the company and the offered rooms can be found. One of the content pages of the rooms site describes every offered room in detail accompanied by features and prices.

Finally both pages are featuring a contact form and directions on how to get to geonet-dm. The directions are a textual description combined with a static google map. A speciality of the site is the three language content: English, German, Japanese.

Carpenter E.Gruber

Typ: Website

Recently a website was created for the holiday flats of the family Gruber. Now a new web presence for the carpenter company of E. Gruber followed. The website was created by adopting a premade template to the specific project needs. The CMS TYPO3 got used to allow editing and adding of content. An editor account was configured in a way to allow quick and easy administration of the site. So the company owner, Ernst Gruber, can add new project pictures with only a few clicks.

The landing page of the site features a Ken-Burns slider which shows a set of images also administrable via TYPO3. The images of the slider are not static but get moved slowly by a bunch of JavaScript and CSS. This gives the impression of looking a video rather than a static image. This effect is widely known as Ken-Burns effect.

The website was created taking care of responsiveness to allow viewing with mobile devices using different form factors. There is common information about the company on the start page. Then there is a gallery showing recent projects having been accomplished by master carpenter E. Gruber and his team.

On the "Contact" page there is not only a form and a google map but also a QR code. This allows visitors to quickly transfer the companies contact information onto their smartphone while viewing the website with a PC.

Holiday home Gruber

Typ: Website

The Gruber family in Rust am See is renting holiday flats to travelers and visitors from around the world. To supply possible customers with information and give them a taste of the accomodation think-open got contacted to create a website inhering to modern standards.

The holiday homes are especially designed for the requirements of young families with children. There are many possibilities Rust, the Neusiedler See and the nearby Familypark offer for your holiday activities. Additionally there is a swing, a sandbox and lots of space in the garden of the holidy homes so your kids can play.

The website was laid out as one-pager and got implemented in plain HTML. Much attention was paid to supply all necessary information and to have everything arranged nicely. The website got optimized for proper responsiveness to gurantee correct display on many different devices and screen resolutions.

The site consists of a large image start element, a gallery showing the offered rooms, a properly configured google map embeded into the website and last but not least a web contact form allowing to write an inquiry.