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TYPO3 trainings: Editorial basics or expert topics

think-open offers trainings for TYPO3 editors, adminstrators and developers in German and English. Editor trainings will be held in cooperation with webconsulting business services GmbH. This enables us to focus on knowledge transfer of our core expertise by doing developer trainings.

When participating in a think-open developer training, knowledge about TYPO3 APIs, design patterns, test-driven development and other programming concepts will get mediated to attendees. During the 2-day course "TYPO3 core walkthrough" you will get to know many interesting stuff about the heart of TYPO3. How to integrate your own application into TYPO3 or how to start a complete new project.

This is part of our offered training topics:

  • TYPO3 core walkthrough
  • Editor trainings and workshops for TYPO3 admins (in cooperation with webconsulting business services GmbH)
  • Extension development FE / BE
  • Extensions with "extbase" and "fluid"
  • TypoScript
  • TYPO3 APIs, CLI scripts, services and other TYPO3 specialities