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Planning, designing and implementing your website

think-open takes care of all steps required for getting your web presence online so you can show which "fruits" your company has to offer. We begin with defining a goal and creating a concept, then go through the graphical layout process and finally implement your site with the open source CMS TYPO3.

The website we create will get adapted to each customers specific needs. think-open has specialized on the TYPO3 CMS and we are thus experts in this branch. We can offer you almost any kind of solution: Starting with compact internet sites for small business featuring a company portrait, contact form, etc. up to sophisticated web shops with book keeping functionality and data import/export to professional data suites like SAP.

We are also up to date with current technologies like Web 2.0, AJAX, DHTML, facebook and Co. With TYPO3 and the required know-how it is also possible to create communites and other web portals. Using TYPO3 it is also possible to integrate solr powered search to enhance your visitors search experience.