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Collecting ideas, putting them together to determine a goal, realization and hosting of your web site - this is what think-open has to offer to you. Starting from a simple internet presence up to complex web applications and sophisticated portal solutions. It is the motto of think-open to offer a customer transparency during a project.

think-open takes care of all your online concerns. What other agencies offer as "Full Service" is a matter of course for think-open since its beginnings.

„TYPO3 has left infancy behind since a long time. Today TYPO3 is a worldwide broadly accepted Content-Management-System.“. Bernhard Kraft, founder of think-open.

In 1998 the dane Kasper Skårhøj presented his content-managment-system for the first time to the public. Since those days thousands of programmers and administrators are striving to develop this software further.

With his company „think-open“ he continues the success story of the open-source movement. „By innovative ideas and conecpts, new and creative solutions get worked out. Our customers can benefit from the knowledge gained.“, explains Kraft. think-open was founded in July 2005 in the city of Mödling, which is about 20km south of Vienna. Following a short break of operational business for a few years the think-open.at GmbH was founded in June 2014.